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Lid Thermometer Gas Grill Heat Indicator Replacement for DYNA-GLO DGF510SBP, DGF493BNP, BBQ Grillware GGPL-2100, Temperature Gauge for Backyard Grill BY13-101-001-13, GBC1461W and Others.
  • Dimensions: 2 15/16" x 1 7/8". Gas grill heat indicator made of high quality stainless steel, ultra-durable and safe, easy to read dial. Accurately Measures Temperature from 100 Degrees up to 800 Degrees. Replacement Parts for Great Outdoors TG560, Grill King 810-9325-0, Kenmore 640-01303702-3, Life@Home 25775
  • Replacement Parts for Backyard Grill BY13-101-001-13, GBC1461W, BY14-101-001-04, GBC1449WRS-C, GBC1429W, GBC1460W, BY14-101-001-03, GBC1255W, 810-4409-F, BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-12, BY14-101-001-01, BY14-101-001-02, BY14-101-001-099, BY15-101-001-02, BY16-101-001-01, BY16-101-003-05, GBC1355W-C, GBC1406W-C, GBC1408WDC-C, GBC1440WRSB-C, GBC1449-C, GBC1449WBS-C, GBC1449W-C, GBC1555W-C, GBC1646WSD-C, PAEPG002-2C
  • Lid Thermometer Replacement for Aussie Grill 6703C8FKK1, 6804S8-S11, 6804T8KSS1, 8462-8-MR1, 8462-8-MRI. Heat Indicator Replacement for DYNA-GLO Grill DGF493BNP, DGF510SBP, DGF510SSP, DGF510SSP-D. Grill Temperature Gauge for BBQ Grillware GGPL-2100. Replacement Parts for BBQ Pro 146.47468610, 146.47469610. Replacement Parts for Members Mark GR2001402-MM-00, GR3055-014571. Replacement Parts for Master Forge B10LG25, DG0576CC. Replacement for River Grille GR1031-012965, Shinerich
  • Lid Thermometer Replacement Parts for Brinkmann Grill 7231, 810-1415-W, 810-1420-0, 810-1420-1, 810-1450-1, 810-2415-W, 810-2545-W, 810-3420-W, 810-3800-S, 810-4405-0, 810-4457-F, 810-7450-S, 810-8300, 810-8300-W, 810-9200-0, 810-9325-0, 810-9410-S, 810-9419, 810-9419-1, 810-9500-0, 810-9520-S , 810-9590-S, 810-9610-F, 810-9620-0. Grill Heat Indicator Replacement for BBQ Tek GSF2616AC and Bond GSF2616AC parts. Grill Replacement for Presidents Choice 09011010PC, 09011038, 09011042PC, 0901104
  • Replacement Parts for Uniflame Grill GBC091W, GBC1343WP-U, GBC730W, GBC820W, GBC831WB, GBC9129M, GBC920W1, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C. Replacement Parts for Charbroil 640-01303702-3, Charmglow 810-7450-S. Replacement Parts for Tera Gear 314168, GR2187101-TR-00, GSF2616AC, PG-40310S0LA. Replacement Parts for Master Cook SRGG30001B, North American Outdoors BB10769A, BB10769A-1.Replacement Parts for Outdoor Gourmet FSOGBG1002, SRGG21101, SRGG30001C
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Replace parts 3-Pack Ceramic Electrode and 3-Pack Igniter Wire, Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models by Aussie, BBQ Grillware and Others
  • Package includes 3pcs ceramic electrode and 3pcs Igniter wire
  • Fits Great Outdoors 432SL, Great Outdoors KG432, Great Outdoors Pinnacle TG475-2, Great Outdoors TG475-2, Great Outdoors TG560, Grill Chef BM616, Grill Chef GC616, Grill Chef GC716, Grill Chef GC7550, Grill Chef GC816, Jenn-Air JA460, Jenn-Air JA461
  • Fits Aussie 4280, Aussie 4280-0A113, BBQ Grillware GGPL-2100, BBQ Grillware GGPL2100, BBQ Grillware GSC2418, BBQ Grillware GSC2418N, BBQ Grillware GSF2616, Chargriller 2001, Chargriller 2020, Chargriller 3001, Chargriller 3030, Chargriller 4000
  • Fits Uniflame GBC750W, Uniflame GBC831WB, Uniflame GBC831WB-C, Uniflame GBC850W-C, Uniflame GBC850WNG-C, Uniflame GBC940WIR, Uniflame GBC956W1NG-C, Uniflame GBC981W, Uniflame GBC981W-C, Uniflame GBC983W-C; Fits Backyard Grill BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-11, BY13-101-001-12, BY13-101-001-13, BY14-101-001-02, BY14-101-001-04, BY14-101-001-099, GBC1255W, GBC1355W-C, GBC1406W-C, GBC1449W-C, GBC1449WBS-C, GBC1449WRS-C, GBC1460W
  • Fits Jenn-Air JA480, Jenn-Air JA580, Kenmore XH1510, Master Forge GGPL-2100CA, North American Outdoors 843019U, North American Outdoors BB10571A, North American Outdoors BB10769A-1, Perfect Flame MH45812 3JYP, Uniflame GBC091W, Uniflame GBC1059WB
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onlyfire 14451 Universal Electric Silver Push Button Igniter BBQ Replacement for Gas Grill by Char-Broil, Brinkmann, Grillmaster, Kenmore, Nexgrill, Brinkmann, Grillware, Jenn Air, and Others
  • 7/8" diameter mounting hole. CSA Certified, Durable and Lasts Longer, Universal Spark generator BBQ Gas Grill Replacement 4 Outlet "AA" Battery Push Button Ignitor (Battery not include)
  • Fits for Master Chef Parts:85-3044-6 85-3045-4 B401S G43215 G43216 G45101 G45303 G45304 S482 T420 T420LP T620LP
  • Fits for Nexgrill Models:720-0061-LP 720-0549 720-0679 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0718 720-0718A 720-0718C 720-0718N 720-0737 720-0825;Char-griller Models:2903 3000 3001 3008 3030 3072 4000 4001 4008 4208 5030 5050 5072 5252 5650
  • Fits for Char Broil Models:415.16125 461230403 461260108 461261508 461271108 461461108 4632150 4632152 4632153 4632154 4632210 4632215 463221503 4632220 4632235 4632236 4632240 4632241 463230203 463230603 463230703 463231503 4632315031 463231603 463232103 463233503 463233603
  • Fit for Kenmore Models:119.16126010 119.16126011 119.16149210 119.16216010 119.162300 119.162310 119.16240 119.16301 119.16301800 119.16302 119.16302800 119.16311 119.16311800 119.16312 119.16312800 119.16433010 119.16434010 119.16658010 119.16658011 119.16670010 119.166750 119.176750 122.16129 122.16129800 122.16431010 122.16538900 122.16539900 141.15223 141.15225 141.152270 141.152271 141.15337 141.153371 141.153372
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Hisencn Grill Grates for Brinkmann 810-8501, Charmglow 720-0125, Jenn Air 720-0337, Nexgrill 720-0003, Perfect Flame Gas Grill Models, 19 1/4" Cast Iron Cooking Grid Replacement Parts
  • Cast iron cooking grids Dimensions: 19 1/4" x 10 3/8" Each or 19 1/4" x 31 1/8" Total; Cast iron grids are fragile and maybe broken during transportation. We will offer a 90 days refunds or reship service for free. Matte Porcelain Coated Cast Iron, Cook better, Lasts Longer.
  • Fits Brinkmann : 810-8500-S, 810-8501-S, 810-8502-S; Brinkman Part Numbers: 115-8500-0. Sams Club 720-0582. MembersMark 720-0582, 720-0586A. Kenmore 16648, 640-82960819-9, 122.166489. SterlingForge 720-0058
  • Fits Charmglow Models: 720-0125, 720-0234, 720-0396, 720-0536, 720-0578, 810-8500-S; Costco Kirkland Models: 720-0011, 720-0011-LP, 720-0025, 720-0108, 720-0193, 720-0432.
  • Fits Jenn Air Models: 720-0062, 720-0062-LP, 720-0100, 720-0100-NG, 720-0138, 720-0138-NG, 720-0141, 720-0141-LP, 720-0164-LP, 720-0171, 720-0337, 720-0339, 720-0512, 730-0164, 730-0171, 730-0337, 740-0141, 750-0141; Members Mark Models: 720-0586A, 720-0582; Sams Club Models: 720-0582. Ducane: 30400042, 30400043, 30400044, 30400045, 30458501.
  • Fits Nexgrill Models: 720-0003, 720-0008-T, 720-0010, 720-0018, 720-0025, 720-0037, 720-0041, 720-0047, 720-0050-LP, 720-0073, 720-0104-NG, 720-0108, 720-0125, 720-0152-LP, 720-0193, 720-0289, 720-0337, 720-0396, 720-0432, 720-0512, 720-0522, 720-0522CAN, 720-0536, 720-0578, 720-0582, 720-0586A, 720-0593, 720-0650A, 730-0337, 860-0193; Perfect Flame Models: 730-0522, 720-0522CAN. GlenCanyon 720-0026, 720-0152-NG.
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grilljoy 24PCS BBQ Grill Tools Set with Meat Thermometer and Injector - Extra Thick Stainless Steel Spatula, Fork& Tongs - Complete BBQ Accessories in Aluminum Case - Perfect Grilling Tool Set Gift
  • Complete Grilling Set --- The BBQ tools have 4 in 1 spatula, meat fork, power tongs, meat thermometer, meat injector, cleaning brush, extra brush head, 8 corn holders, salt and pepper shakers, knife, basting brush,4 BBQ skewers and aluminum case.
  • Premium Quality --- Each barbecue tool is made from high quality stainless steel which is rust resistant for long-lasting reliability. All tools are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • User-friendly Design --- We design grilling tools from the user's perspective. Thanks to the extended handle, you can keep a safe distance from the hot grill and minimize the risk of burns.
  • Convenient Storage --- The Velcro locks each tool in a neat position, you could easily keep all the barbecue tools in the portable aluminum case. The lightweight aluminum case is easy to carry which is ideal for camping or picnic.
  • Satisfactory After-sales Service --- We are so confident that you will love our grill tools. If you are not satisfied with the product, please let us know and we will give you a satisfactory reply.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Onlyfire 03340 Electric Push Button Igniter BBQ Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models by Char-broil, Brinkmann, Grillmaster, Aussie,Charmglow, Kenmore, Lowes, Nexgrill, Brinkmann, Bakers, Grillware, Jenn Air, Huntington and Others, Black
  • CSA Certified, Requires 7/8" diameter mounting hole. Durable and Lasts Longer, Universal Spark generator BBQ Gas Grill Replacement 4 Outlet 1.5-Volt "AA" Battery Push Button Ignitor (Battery not include) Fits Charmglow Models: 810-2320-B, 810-6320-B, 810-7310-F;Uniflame Models: NSG3902B, NSG4303, Fiesta Models: FGF50069-U40, U404, U420; Char-Broil Gas Grill Models: 4632215, 4632220, 463221503, 463240804, 463241004, 4632210, 4632235, 4632236, 4632240, 4632241, 466231103; Chargriller Models: 3001, 4000, 5050
  • Original Part Numbers:03340,3340,119-2700-0, 50002743,P2503H,P2503C,P02502164C, 5515171, 5515074, P02502154C,55-07-448, 20810-2600-1, 55-07-386, 20GBC730W-C, CHRP0250; Kenmore Part Numbers: P2503C,P02502164C,P02502154C,P02502024C; Uniflame Part Numbers: 55-07-448; Charbroil Part Numbers: P2503H, P02502024CK-Mart Models: 640-117694-117, 640-641215405, 640-784047-110, 640-82960811-6,640-82960828-6; Amana Part Numbers: FCTG3007029; Brinkmann Parts: 119-2200-0, 119-2700-0, 119-4040-0, 20810-2600-1
  • Fits Various models of BBQ Grillware BBQ Pro, Grill Chef ,Grill King ,GrillPro, Nexgrill ,Outdoor Gourmet ,Patio Range ,Surefire, Bakers & Chefs, Aussie, Tuscany,Coleman ,Uniflame ,Patriot, Wellington, XPS ,Broil Mate ,Tuscany ,Turbo ,Augusta, Austin, Elite Series 4445, Grand Gourmet 2250, 4415, 6345, Grill Zone 6355, 6440, 6650, 6670, Savannah Master Chef ,Centro ,Master Forge;Pro Series 2200, 2235, 2500, 2600, 2610, 2630, 2700, 4040, 4345, 4425, 4615, 6330, 6668 ;Amana Models: AM26LP, AM27LP
  • Fits Brinkman Gas Grill Models: 2200, 2210, 2235, 2250, 2300, 2700, 2720, 4040, 4345, 4400, 4415, 4425, 4445, 6330, 6345, 6355, 6440, 6650, 6668, 6670, 810-2200, 810-2200-0, 810-2210, 810-2210-0, 810-2210-1, 810-2235-0, 810-2250-0, 810-2250-1, 810-2250-2, 810-2300, 810- 2300-0, 810-2300-B, 810-2310-0, 810-2310-1, 810-2400, 810-2400-0, 810-2400-2, 810-2500, 810-2500-0, 810-2500-1, 810-2600, 810- 2600-0, 810-2600-1, 810-2610-0, 810-2630-0, 810-2700, 810-2700-0, 810-2700-1, 810-2705-1, 810-2720
  • Kenmore Sears Models: 141.157981, 141.15799, 141.157991, 141.16123, 141.16223, 141.162231, 141.16225, 141.162271, 141.16228, 141.16313, 141.16315, 141.16321, 141.163211, 141.16323, 141.16325, 141.16326, 141.16327, 141.163271, 141.16329, 141.163291, 141.163292, 141.165400, 141.166400, 141.16673, 141.16680, 141.166801, 141.16681, 141.16690, 141.166901, 141.16691, 141.168600, 141.17227, 141.17228, 141.17326, 141.17327, 141.173271, 141.17329, 141.173291, 141.173292, 141.17337, 141.173371
Bestseller No. 7
Unicook Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Grill Heat Plate Shield Replacement, Heat Tent, Flavorizer Bar, Burner Cover, Flame Tamer for Gas Grill, Extends from 11.75" up to 21" L, 3 Pack
  • Extends from 11.75” up to 21” length, 3.75” width, 1” height, fits most gas grills. If installed reversely, the length will be extended from 11.75” to 18.37” only. Please measure the size of your original heat plates and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Prevents flare-ups and protects burners to prolong life, prevents direct exposure to flame and distributes heat evenly
  • Replaces heat tents for side-to-side and front-to-back burners. Upgraded Stainless Steel M5 bolts and wing nuts are included, easy to install
  • Thickness of porcelain steel is 1.2mm, heavy duty porcelain-coated steel construction; Thicker is better; longer lasting
  • Stainless Steel version is also available, click the "UNICOOK" button (top middle of the page) to get more details about the S/S version
Bestseller No. 8
VICOOL Replacement Lid Thermometer Gas Grill Stainless Steel Heat Indicator for Aussie, BBQ Grillware, Brinkmann, Dyna-Glo, Uniflame and Other Gas Grill Models, hyT54A (1-Pack)
  • Fits Brinkmann Grill Models: 7231, 810-1415-W, 810-1420-0, 810-1420-1, 810-1450-1, 810-2415-W, 810-2545-W, 810-3420-W, 810-4405-0, 810-7450-S, 810-8300, 810-8300-W, 810-9200-0, 810-9325-0, 810-9419, 810-9419-1, 810-9500-0, 810-9520-S, 810-9590-S, 810-9610-F, 810-9620-0; Fits Tera Gear: 314168, GR2187101-TR-00, GSF2616AC, PG-40310S0LA; Fits XPS: DXH-8501.
  • Fits Backyard Grill Models: 810-4409-F, BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-12, BY13-101-001-13, BY14-101-001-01, BY14-101-001-02, BY14-101-001-03, BY14-101-001-04, BY14-101-001-099, BY15-101-001-02, BY16-101-001-01, BY16-101-003-05, GBC1255W, GBC1355W-C, GBC1406W-C, GBC1408WDC-C, GBC1429W, GBC1440WRSB-C, GBC1449-C, GBC1449W-C, GBC1449WBS-C, GBC1449WRS-C, GBC1460W, GBC1461W, GBC1555W-C, GBC1646WSD-C, PAEPG002-2C.
  • Fits DYNA-GLO Models: DGF493BNP, DGF510SBP, DGF510SSP, DGF510SSP-D; Fits Great Outdoors Model: TG560; Fits Master Cook: SRGG30001B; Fits Master Forge: B10LG25, DG0576CC, GGP-2501; Fits Grill King: 810-9325-0; Fits North American Outdoors: BB10769A, BB10769A-1; Fits Outdoor Gourment: SRGG21101, SRGG30001C; Fits Presidents Choice: 09011010PC, 09011038, 09011042PC, 09011044PC, 565698, PC25632; Fits River Grille: GR1031-012965; Fits Shinerich: Kingston, SRGG51111.
  • Fits Aussie Models: 6703C8FKK1, 6804S8-S11, 6804T8KSS1, 8462-8-MR1; Fits BBQ Grillware Model: GGPL-2100; Fits Charbroil Models: 4859575, 640-01303702-3; Fits Charmglow Model: 810-7450-S; Fits Bond Grill Models: GSF2616AC; Fits Kenmore Model: 640-01303702-3; Fits Members Mark Model: GR2001402-MM-00, GR3055-014571; Fits Uniflame Models: GBC091W, GBC1343WP-U, GBC730W, GBC820W, GBC831WB, GBC9129M, GBC920W1, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C.
  • 2-15/16" x 1-7/8" Oval Heat Indicator, Made of Stainless steel. Face reads 100 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit; Durable replacement part, item ships SINGLE; Installs very easily! Works GREAT and is very accurate !
SaleBestseller No. 9
Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover, 55-inch BBQ Cover, Special Fade and UV Resistant Material, Durable and Convenient, Fits Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Brinkmann Grills and More
  • 【Upgraded Material】- New special fade resistant fabric with vinyl coating, water repellent processed, the new material exhibits superior colorfastness, resists UV, repels rain, resists tears and cold cracking, durable and long-lasting, gives your grill all year round protection against sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, dust, dirt and etc.
  • 【Handles and Straps】- Durable fabric handles at two sides for easy fitting and removal effortlessly in seconds. Handles can also be used for hanging and storage. Convenient heavy duty 1.5" wide fastening straps keep cover securely fastened and prevent cover from slipping or blowing off
  • 【Covered Air Vents】- Wide covered mesh vents at both sides for air circulation to let moisture escape, the air circulation can also prevent your cover from blowing away by high winds
  • 【Dimension】- Measures 55" width by 23" depth and 42" height, fits most grills with 3 to 4 burners, width between 47” and 53”. ﹡Not designed to cover the wheels entirely, the grill could be moved freely with cover on
  • 【Wide Selection】 Unicook outdoor grill covers are designed to fit grills in various shapes and sizes for your selection. Please click "UNICOOK" button on top to find the right cover to protect your grill.
Bestseller No. 10
34PCS BBQ Grill Accessories Tools Set, Stainless Steel Grilling Tools with Carry Bag, Thermometer, Grill Mats for Camping/Backyard Barbecue, Grill Tools Set for Men Women
  • [PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL]: Our grill accessories are made from premium food grade stainless steel, which is BPA FREE, durable, rust proof, unbreakable and dishwasher safe. And each long-handle BBQ tool has a convenient hanging loops that help you storage them easily.
  • [MOST COMPLETE SET]: TAIMASI 34PCS BBQ set is the most complete grill accessories set on the market that includes everything you need. It includes long-handled grill tongs, spatula, fork, scissor tongs, meat knife, 2 basting brushes, 2 grill cleaning brushes, meat injector, meat thermometer, pepper & salt shakers, 8corn holders, 6 skewers, grill glove, carry bag, small knife and fork, 2 grill mats, kitchen shears.
  • [DURABLE & SAFE]: Every BBQ master should have a set of heat resistant long-handled grill tools to ensures that you can cook your meat from a safe distance without worry of getting burned. Our set has the most commonly found and useful long-handled stainless steel tools, more durable and safe than wood or rubber-handle tools as they will not crack or melt after extended use.
  • [MORE PROFESSIONAL THAN OTHER BRAND]: TAIMASI grill set contain more professional BBQ accessories than others. Two different types of BBQ brushes for cleaning all kinds grill after it cooled down. An digital meat thermometer can prevent people from over-cooking their meat. And 2 grill mats offers an individual way to cook delicate meats like fish, without surrending them to the flames below.
  • [THE BEST GIFT]: This is a great gift for any occasion, perfect for father’s day, birthdays, Christmas, and more. All of our bbq accessories are thoroughly tested before we ship them out to you. If it does not suit you for any reason, please contact us, we will take care of it in 12 hours!

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